New Cable Testing Program by HDMI Licensing, LLC will Maintain Ultra-Reliable,

Single-Cable HDMI Connectivity for Upcoming 4K Products

LAS VEGAS, Nevada-CES 2015—January 6, 2015– HDMI Licensing, LLC today announced that over 1,600 licensed HDMI Adopters are expected to ship over 700 million HDMI-compliant products in 2015, adding to the 4 billion unit installed base of HDMI-enabled products worldwide. Additionally, nearly half of all HDMI Adopters are using the latest version of the Specification, HDMI 2.0.

2015 International CES

拉斯维加斯–(BUSINESS WIRE)– (美国商业资讯)–January 7, 2015–2015年国际消费电子展(CES 2015)—HDMI Licensing, LLC今天宣布,预计逾1,600个获得许可的HDMI(高清晰度多媒体接口)标准采用者将在2015年出货7亿多件符合HDMI标准的产品。在此之前,全球范围内采用HDMI标准的产品数量已达40亿。此外,将近一半的HDMI标准采用者正在使用最新版规范HDMI 2.0。


“The HDMI 2.0 Specification, with its support of 4K@60fps and 18Gbps bandwidth, means manufacturers and content providers can accelerate the transition to 4K. The HDMI interface, with its single-cable simplicity, has always provided the highest quality uncompressed digital audio and video. Our entire ecosystem—the Specification itself, our Adopters, Adopter training and compliance testing—ensures that all HDMI-enabled products interoperate and deliver that seamless experience that consumers expect,” said Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing, LLC.  “Our most recent Emmy award, which we are honored to be receiving later this week, recognizes HDMI connectivity as the de-facto standard for transmitting and receiving HD content.”

HDMI Licensing, LLC总裁Steve Venuti表示:“HDMI 2.0规范支持4K@60fps 和18Gbps带宽,这意味着制造商和内容提供商可以加速向4K转型。凭借其单根电缆简洁性,HDMI接口一直提供最高质量的无压缩数字音频和视频。我们 的整个生态系统——规范本身、我们的采用者、采用者的培训及合规测验——保证了所有采用HDMI标准的产品可以进行交互操作,并提供消费者期望的无缝体 验。我们最近获得了艾美奖,我们很荣幸将在本周晚些时候领奖。这个奖项认可了HDMI连接成为事实上的高清内容收发标准。”


“We understand that the HDMI Specification must evolve and respond quickly to a growing and rapidly changing market. Thus, the HDMI Forum is committed to publishing a new version to meet market need. We believe that the market will require support for higher video resolutions and frame rates, High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, additional audio formats, and power over the HDMI interface,” said Robert Blanchard, President of the HDMI Forum, Inc.  “Addressing these trends with the next version of the HDMI Specification ensures that the HDMI interface will continue to support the highest level of audio and video quality.”

HDMI Forum, Inc.总裁Robert Blanchard表示:“我们深知HDMI规范必须与时俱进,对日益扩大、日新月异的市场迅速做出响应。因此,HDMI论坛致力于发布新版规范,以满足 市场需求。我们认为,市场将需要通过HDMI接口,为更高的视频分辨率和帧速率、高动态范围(HDR)视频、额外的音频格式以及电源提供支持。采用新版 HDMI规范来应对这些趋势可以保证HDMI接口能够继续支持最高的音频和视频质量。


HDMI Licensing, LLC announces new 4K cable testing program

HDMI Licensing, LLC also announces that it plans to launch a program for HDMI adopters who manufacture HDMI cables that seek to ensure ultra-reliable high performance HDMI connectivity at 18Gbps.  Comprised of three key components, the program will provide a best-practices High Speed HDMI Cable design guideline, an expanded compliance test specification as well as a comprehensive marketing and authentication program.

“Although current High Speed HDMI cables are designed to handle the increased bandwidth of 4K@60 video streams, we see a need for additional testing to ensure consistent performance at the higher speeds,” said Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing, LLC. “We also foresee how higher bandwidth can result in increased EMI emissions, which can cause interference with wireless signals in home theater devices. This new program provides both testing and labeling to address both these issues for the manufacturer and the end user.”

HDMI Licensing, LLC plans to launch this program in the first Quarter of 2015.

For more information about the HDMI Specification please visit http://www.hdmi.org.


HDMI Licensing, LLC公布新的4K电缆测试计划

HDMI Licensing, LLC还 宣布,对于制造HDMI电缆、设法在18Gbps带宽下保证超可靠高性能HDMI连接的HDMI标准采用者,该公司计划启动一项计划。该计划由三个主要组 成部分构成,将提供一份高速HDMI电缆设计最佳实践指导方针、一份经过扩展的合规性测试规范,以及一项全面的营销和验证计划。

HDMI Licensing, LLC总裁Steve Venuti表示:“虽然目前的高速HDMI电缆的设计旨在应对更大的4K@60视频流带宽,但我们认为有必要进行附加测试,以保证更高速度下的稳定性 能。我们还预料到更高的带宽会如何导致电磁干扰(EMI)增加,从而导致家庭影院设备中的信号受到干扰。这项新计划提供了测试和标记方式,以便为制造商和 终端用户解决上述两个问题。”

HDMI Licensing, LLC计划在2015年第一季度启动该计划。