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JCE Type-C cable

Product category: USB2.0 / USB3.1 Gen1 / USB3.1 Gen2 (10G)  

Connectors: USB2.0 Type C to Type A/ B/ mini B/ micro B

USB-2.0 Type-C-A (Max. 3M)  TID200000139
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USB3.1 Type C to Type A/ B/ C

USB3.1-Type-C-A-30AWG-Gen2 (Max-1M) TID5200000320
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  Plug options: PVC molding, Metal shell

Customized packaging available  

Better Performance

Excellent EMI shielding

Faster charging speed Slim cable with good bending radius  

 USB-IF certification➥     

USB3.1  Type C Adapter

Connect new systems with USB-C ports to existing cables or peripherals with a standard USB-A connector.

Adapter for type C                      typeC-adapter