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JCE Type-C cable

Product category: USB2.0 / USB3.1 Gen1 / USB3.1 Gen2 (10G)



USB2.0 Type C to Type A/ B/ mini B/ micro B

USB-2.0 Type-C-A (Max. 3M)  TID200000139
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USB3.1 Type C to Type A/ B /micro B

USB3.1-Type-C-A-30AWG-Gen2 (Max-1M) TID5200000320
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Plug options: PVC molding, Metal shell

Customized packaging available


Better Performance

「tongue and groove」Design for the front tip

Safer design for large Voltage

Excellent EMI shielding

Faster charging speed

Slim cable with good bending radius


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USB3.1  Type C Adapter

Connect new systems with USB-C ports to existing cables or peripherals with a standard USB-A connector.

Adapter for type C                      typeC-adapter